Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My New Website

Well I have been working on my new website for about a week now and I am to say that I have finally finished it. I designed it myself and to be honest I didn't realise what hidden talent I had. The best thing of all was that it didn't cost me a cent. I'm wrapped that its finished finally. The only thing I have to do now is organise the domain name so that it appears on Google, which I will be doing in the near future.

Its much more interactive compared to my NZG site although I will be continuing to advertise with them also. You can never have too much advertising I say. The pages I have included are listed as follows:

Rates & Services: Consists of a brief description of me, my rates and services outlined in detail, the hours and days that I work, a selection of links I can be contacted via and how to make a booking.

Blog: I have decided to amalgamate all my blogs together into one. Here I have put them into categories. My Life's Experiences are about memories that I have from the past and the things that happened along the way when I first became an escort. My Travels as an Escort relate to the present day experiences and my trips around the country. Reviews are from my clients, the majority being from the Adult Forum. World Events basically are blogs to do with events that are going on in the world that I am passionate about.

About Me: This page represents me with a few photographs and how I first entered into the industry and why.

Contact Me: Is a direct link for clients and inquisitive visitors to contact me with their enquiries and questions in more depth.

In the News: Is somewhere where current clients can write their own review of me for others to read. I have added a couple of links at the bottom that I regularly visit.

Photo Gallery: Is all my up to date photographs which will be updated on a regular basis.

Forum: I have my own forum now so please join in to discuss whatever topics you wish.

Calendar: Consists of all up and coming events

Guestbook: Is for anyone who wishes to add a comment regarding my website and to say that they have visited the page.

Members: You may subscribe to my website.

Favourite Links: Is a list of websites that I love. These consist of my favourite lingerie sites, Accommodation and Restaurants.

I hope you will peruse the new website and leave comments as to your ideas and recommendations. Also would love to have you join me in discussion. Look forward to hearing from you all.

Georgia XXX

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Quotes Of The Day

“I'm in awe every time: By planting so little,
you can reap so much.”
— Oprah

"At the center of your being you have the answer; You know who you are and you know what you want."
— Lao Tzu

Friday, August 14, 2009

Taking a Break From Adult Forum

I feel like celebrating this morning as I when I checked in on Adult Forum to see how many posts I had done I was shocked to see that I had 0 posts. What a major breakthrough for me. I have found that Adult Forum has become quite an addictive place to be.

This is my 8th month of membership and although I find the forum to be a very good research tool it has some very negative side effects. The forum itself is a great tool for information, from a clients point of view as well as a working girls viewpoint. I have learnt so much about so many different aspects.

Don't get me wrong there are heaps more worse things to be addicted to and Adult Forum is not so bad really. The forum has some very positive aspects as well as negative ones. The negative aspects of the forum I'm referring to is some of the members rather than the actual forum itself.

I have noticed over the past few months the deterioration of some of the members and how negative and attacking their behaviour has become. I have seen some that sit on the fence and argue the point for the sake of it and a day later they change their view and argue the opposite point due to majority rules. This can be rather frustrating as one never knows what their understanding of the debated topic really is. I'm starting to think that half of them have no idea either. It gets to a point where I get so worked up even I am becoming negative and this is an emotion that I just do not want to go back to. It has taken me so long to get to a point in my life that I have to keep reminding myself that if I don't make a conscious effort of pulling myself up I shall fall into the abyss of negativity.

I very good friend of mine who is also a member of the forum and my bi double in business had a very frightening experience the other night. Her and I had been messaging via MSN for most of the week. She has been having problems with her boyfriend who lives with her. It appears he has progressively become controlling. I have been rather worried about her. Well the other night it all came to a head. Thankfully due to our keeping in touch via phone and MSN daily I was able to assess the situation and act promptly.

To cut a long story short I had to contact the police who went to her address and found it very difficult to contain him so they had to use pepper spray. He was arrested and locked up overnight ready to appear in court the following morning for assault on a woman. So you see it was pretty bad. Her boyfriend had ripped the phone out of the wall and taken her mobile and she was asked to attend the police station to make a statement regarding the incident.

I was pretty frantic because it had been ages since I phoned the police and the arrest was made that I could not get hold of her to make sure she was OK. When she arrived home she posted a message on AF. She knows what I am like and wanted to reassure me that she was OK. We eventually got to speak to each other on the phone and I have to say I was so relieved to hear her voice on the other end.

Unfortunately some of the responses to her message on the forum was not so inviting. There were those who constantly show their caring and considerate side on the forum as always. They are the ones who consistently try to raise the morale to a more positive level. These are the members I find refreshing and who were the sole reason why I joined in the first place.

Then there are some members, the minority who constantly attack for the sake of being nasty. I was totally appalled to read some of the responses of some of some members on the forum and their total lack of respect for her. Their were suggestions of the validity being fake. Then next point being that it was written to drum up business. One idiot even had the audacity to ask for photographic proof.

Well this comment sent me into a head spin to say the least. It brought back all the memories of my own personal experience regarding domestic violence with an ex partner whom I am so thankful to have gotten rid of. Took a long time but I did it and three years down the road I have no wish of even speaking to the guy let alone see him again. Fortunately I'm not bitter any more about it but the haunting memories still lurk in the back of my mind where I'm sure they will stay for years to come.

My boyfriend used to beat the living crap out of me back then and one particular incident when he kicked me in the kidneys and I was left immobile for three days. I was in total agony. Many people back then would not believe it because they had not seen the proof of bruising but from the victims point of view we as woman feel ashamed that this sort of behaviour goes on. It is the most humiliating experience being the receiver of physical abuse. Its not on, its not acceptable for any reason no matter what level of abuse it is, its not right full stop.

The comments of some of the guys really infuriated me when they tried to make out that my friend was bullshitting. Its funny because there have been more negative comments regarding her making it up and using it to get sympathy. Another guy suggested it was a marketing ploy to get clients and drum up business. I mean are these guys dense or something. What a bunch of losers.

There is one member in particular who has gone downhill with his posting. He thinks he is funny. I think he is a prat. Anyway such is life. He brings me up in every thread almost just to get some kind of reaction and he is very derogatory in the way he addresses me.

The thread deteriorated to the point where I decided I didn't want my friend to see it the next morning as it would upset her so I had it deleted. AF were brilliant about it. I was very thankful and for this reason I will continue to be a member of the forum but for now I'm taking a break.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Thanks To All My Lovely Clients

I was talking to a friend today and it made me remember something to be thankful for regarding my profession as an escort. Its funny how the different experiences in my life have lead me down various pathways. Its almost like the tree of life with all her branches.

I thought about what positive things this industry has brought into my life. I thought about the reasons why I entered it. I was so down and lacking self esteem when I started and in a way it was my clients that saved me. They saved me from myself. From the self destructive path I was on. Each and every one of them helped me to regain my confidence back. Because of them I realised that I wasn't such a bad person after all. They made me realise that I was the master of my own destiny.

I'm a firm believer of, when one door closes, a whole corridor opens. We all come to that cross roads along our own individual journeys. We worry that we are taking the wrong path but the truth is there is no wrong path. Each road leads to a different destination with many more lessons to learn. The journey may be hard and unforgiving at times but if we listen to our instincts we will find fulfillment. Its not how empty is our glass but how full it is that counts. The most important thing is that we focus on what we have to learn. There is no such thing as a mistake. Its how we look at the events in our lives and how we can go about improving what happened before. I guess that's the secret to wisdom. If you keep repeating unhappy situations in your life then you are obviously evolving at a pace that you choose comfortable for you.

Being an escort opened my eyes to the many guys out there that come from different backgrounds, with varying professions, single, married, in relationships all having their own story to tell. I became their confidant, someone whom they could spend more than just intimacy with. Someone who would listen to their woes, their joys and their everyday lives. For once I was able to focus on something else, rather than my problems for a change. I started to realise that mine were so much more insignificant compared to theirs. In some way they all touched my life, some more so than others.

I remember a client I had once who had been in a car accident. He was in a wheelchair and he had obviously suffered head injuries due to the accident. He was a regular of a club that I worked for and I was sent on an out call to his premises one afternoon. When I arrived he was ready and waiting patiently. I discovered that he was just as together as he had been before the accident.

After we had spent some intimate time together we sat down to chat. He told me what had happened, that he was involved in an accident involving a drunken driver. He being the innocent party of course. He had been very active in sport and outdoor activities and after the accident he was pretty depressed. When he regained consciousness he realised he was paralysed from the waist down and suffering from a speech impairment due to the head injury. He told me how he made a conscious decision that he wasn't going to let what happened to him hinder him from living his life to the fullest. His decision to push himself to get better was his ultimate goal. Obviously he would never get back to how he was before the accident. I really admired him for his courage. He showed me all his photo albums of all the activities he used to do. He was a really attractive guy. He became my regular. What a neat guy he was. I saw him often when I lived in Wellington but when I moved back to Auckland we lost touch. I often think about him and how he is, what hes doing. I'm so thankful for having the opportunity of him being in my life and touching my heart the way he did.

There have been many others along the way that I can remember that I have fond thoughts of, all for different reasons and how they touched my heart. In some way they have enhanced my life and me to be a better person. The way in which they treated me was special. I always thought that escorts were treated with disrespect. I was so wrong. Almost every guy I had treated me with total respect, like a feeling caring human being, which I am. I so appreciated that. They complimented me on many things about myself and made me realise that I was not the horrible person that my partner had led me to believe. I started to have faith in myself in realising my own self worth.

I think becoming an escort made me less judgemental about other people. It made me take a look at some of my own thought patterns and I'm a different person now because of it. I think it helped me to find peace and not be so anxious about life and what may or may not unfold tomorrow. I realised that I needed to be more grateful for what I had and focus on the positive aspects of my work. I soon discovered that there were many.

So to all of those guys I have met along the way who have been clients of mine or even social contacts I just want to say thank you. Thanks for helping me to rediscover myself!!! Love and respect to you all.

Georgia XO

St Johns New Foundland versus Cape Reinga

I recieved a really lovely email today from a very lovely guy whom I corrospond with regularly via email, Draven. He shared this with me: I like the Cape Reinga part, it looks like ST Johns Newfoundland along with a couple of photos you might like to take a look at. Such amazing similarities dont you think?

Thanks hun and it was really nice to here from you. XO

Places Ive Seen On My Travels Cape Reinga

When I first became an escort a couple of years ago I was not in the right place emotionally. I had just finished with a very bad relationship and decided to set off by myself to gain back who I had lost, me!!!

I had spent 8 long months as someone else's puppet and for the first time I was free to do what I wanted. I had nothing but I did have my freedom to choose and go anywhere that I wanted. I was happy for the very first time in a long time. I decided that I would head to Wellington but before I did that I wanted to make a trip to Cape Reinga. The northernmost tip of New Zealand.

Maori people believe that when you die your spirit leaves from this point. So I went there to see where my soul would go when I pass to the other side. I wanted to see how beautiful it was. I had heard so many stories from my relatives about this place and how spiritual it is. The picture does it no justice. You have to go there to see if for yourself and feel it. There is a quiet calm about the place. I walked out to the end of the point and gazed down. There on the point stands a lone tree where it is said our souls dive off following the roots of the tree to the other side.

I thought of all the people in my life that had passed on. All my loved ones and the people whom had left a lasting impression in my mind and on my life. People whom I had thought of in times of
desolation and loneliness. Thinking of them helped give me strength to hold fast to my beliefs and visualise my time of freedom once again. I sat for a long time that day thinking of those people and gave thanks to them for the positive influence they had on my life. It was due to them and the lessons they had shared with me that gave me the strength, motivation and determination to carry on.

I learned that day that no matter what I was a survivor and I aimed to remain this way.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Positive Changes

I have come to the conclusion that we become what we choose to surround ourselves with. So for instance if we are constantly bombarding our time with negativity then we attract more negative people and situations and chaos to our lives. In the same respect if we surround ourselves with positive people then some of their positivity rubs off onto us. I do believe in the law of attraction. After seeing the video "The Secret" and practising it I know that good things come to those who believe.

I'm sure that most of you have heard of "The Secret" and what its all about. Its all about our own feelings and what we feel has a certain effect that controls what goes on in our lives. It has to do with the law of physics. Feeling good creates a positive effect to what is drawn to us and what happens in our future. Fear and negative feelings creates more chaos in our lives. Have you ever asked yourself, when you start your day on a negative footing that it can somehow snowball and screw up the rest of your day. Some of us just love drama. The universe responds to what you think and feel. It doesn't understand about what you don't want. The universe will give you whatever you are thinking. So if you are thinking I don't want people in my life that rip me off, the universe will give you just that, more people that will rip you off and take advantage of you.

It is best not to focus on what you don't have or want. We need to start thinking of what we do want. We need to start creative visualising what we want as if we already have it. It sounds kind of far fetched doesn't it. Well I have to say that I have been through stages in my life and this theory actually does work. I have found myself falling back into old habits but then I realise what I am doing to myself so I consciously have to tell myself off and bring myself back into check and go back to the basics.

Out comes the video of "The Secret" and I am constantly starting my day with watching this video over and over until I get back into good habits. If you intellectually believe something but don't feel it you are not putting yourself into manifestation of creating your own future. We have to put our thoughts and feelings into physical action. No point sitting around procrastinating as we will not kick start our own future. We have to pay attention to the things we want by visualising that we have them already. We have to believe that our lives will unfold in a positive way and trust that what we believe will come to us. The power of positive thought is amazing if we believe.